How governments and citizens have implemented the right to housing

There are numerous obstacles to the realization of the right to adequate housing across the globe. But there are also several positive examples, implemented by public authorities, by civil society organizations, or by the communities themselves.

Some of these actions are published in this section, both in the legal field and in the field of projects and concrete actions in the area of housing policy, which give examples on how the right to housing can be implemented in practice. If you can think of other good examples that are not mentioned here, please let us know!

Warning:Processes that involve removals and evictions are complex, subject to varied criticism and evaluations. Often they achieve positive outcomes in only a few cases and only after much negotiations and deliberations with impacted communities and government. Hence, the inclusion of a given case / example in this section does not mean support from the Rapporteur of a certain practice nor does it ratify the success of such case / example.